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Inner River water laoniuwan Geopark is located in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia Qingshuihe County , Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region , Hohhot southernmost total area of ​​25.34 square kilometers.

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Core laoniuwan national geological park consists of two parts , one is laoniuwan , another Yellow River Grand Canyon .
Long history , where humans live and multiply leaving footprints ; long years , gave birth to the water in the river here, brilliant culture.

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The water on the Bank of the Yellow River, With a wind from the top of the Great Wall, Listen to the melodious bell of Fulong temple, I give you the peace of laoniuwan of the Yellow River and the broad mind of Taiji Bay. Let the tranquility and eternity of the ancient villages of the Yellow River and the miracle of the great wall of Ming Dynasty accompany you! Welcome to Inner Mongolia Qingshuihe laoniuwan National Geopark.