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Hohhot Qingshuihe County is under the jurisdiction of the county, located at the southern tip of Hohhot , the Ming Great Wall is bounded to the southeast , and Shanxi Lu Ping district pianguan County border ; west of the Yellow River , and the river Jungar Banner , Ordos City the sea ; River and north Ghoul half HeLinGe'Er several adjacent ; Tuoketuo County, north-west and near relative , the overall position is "Mongolia , Shaanxi, Shanxi " provinces at the junction and the "call , packages, E " economic and technical Zone hinterland. Qingshuihe County with a total area 2859 km2 , territory inhabited county Han, Mongolian , Manchu , Hui and other 12 ethnic groups, in 2012 the total population of 143,000 .

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Because the territory named after the river water . Qianlong reign ( 1736 ) set the fresh water river Associate pass sentence Hall , Guangxu years ( 1884 ) to ask the people pass judgment hall. In 3 years ( 1914 ) to change the Office for the Shimizu River County, under Suiyuan particular area. 1949 onwards, has genus Sa county area, Jining area, Pingdiquan administrative , Wulanchabu jurisdiction.

June 1949 , Shimizu River County liberated. After the founding of People's Republic of China , established Qingshuihe County People's Government , is the provincial agency Suiyuan Salaqi County jurisdiction.

1954 , owned Wulanchabu jurisdiction.

1995 , was placed under the bottom of Hohhot .

1997 , exempted three towns 11 townships , the county government in the town .

Administrative divisions

2013 , Shimizu River County jurisdiction over three towns, 5 townships : Macro Town , lama bay , county towns , kiln Gou , North BU Xiang , single table Township, five Ryota Township, leeks Township .

Economic Development


2013 , the gross regional product Qingshuihe County expected to be completed 6.35 billion yuan , an increase of 10% . One , two , three production value is expected to increase 675 million yuan , respectively, to complete , 3.005 billion yuan , 2.67 billion yuan , respectively, year on year Growth of 3.8% , 6.2% , 16.3% . Financial revenue 610 million yuan , an increase of 1% . Shimizu River County fixed asset investment is expected to be completed 3.2 billion yuan , an increase of 25.7% . Urban residents per capita Income and rural per capita net disposable income is expected to reach 24,000 yuan and 6,880 yuan , an increase of 10% and 12.8 %, respectively.

Primary Industry

2013 , Hun River water River County beaches covering 3,700 acres of vegetable base completed and put into use, completed an investment of 120 million yuan , 8,000 square meters of intelligent nursery center supporting the construction of modern agriculture and Meng Wang Integrated Services Heart completed the main building will be put into use ; macro town house occupies 1,200 acres of thick wall Greenhouse completed and have been gradually put into production, investment 50 million yuan .

2013 , Shimizu River County, the village of the 31st Erie million cows grazing a project has been completed, the approach cows 5200 , completed an investment of 170 million yuan ; macro Town house race Australia ten thousand sheep sheep production base a comprehensive scale sheds built in 5000 , has purchased high-quality embryos 5000 , receptors Yang 3500 , completed an investment of 30 million yuan ; temple son, Qi Jia Ditch , Strom Yaocun 3 5000 sheep farms basically completed, the foundation is being purchased ewes ; leeks Township before camp one thousand stalls for sheep farms has completed construction ; North BU Xiang first huge source of one thousand beef cattle farms in the construction of basic End Into being purchased cattle .

Secondary industry

2013 , continued construction of the project, Yunsheng Magnesium two annual 20,000 tons of magnesium alloy project began oven , ready to pilot production , completed an investment of 180 million yuan ; annual output of 60,000 tons over licensing calcined kaolin project was officially put into operation , completed an investment 66.8 million yuan ; Sanxin kaolin a second production line of ovens pilot project has been completed to invest 98 million yuan ; Yongsheng 600,000 tons of underground coal open-pit mining 35% change of quantity of completion of the project , completed an investment 35 million yuan ; annual output of 500,000 tons of glass fiber far Ka powder materials project has completed installation of plant and equipment , with production conditions, completed an investment of 42 million yuan ; Mengxi 9MW waste heat power generation project began commissioning hair Electricity, completed an investment of 48.19 million yuan . New construction of five industrial projects , namely an annual output of 150,000 tons Sinoma calcined kaolin project , three annual output of 50,000 tons of Friends of calcined kaolin project , Mongolia , Xin casting production projects, Long Source korshinskii processing project, 1.2 million tons coal washery project gods , these projects have been completed investment 209 million yuan , will be fully completed in 2014 .

Tertiary Industry

2013 , Shimizu River County to laoniuwan Geopark on the core of the Yellow River Canyon tourist area were focused on building , complete the preparation of the " overall planning of the Yellow River in Inner Mongolia laoniuwan Grand Canyon tourist area" and Geological Park Museum , laoniuwan Enhance the transformation of ancient villages , scenic road on both sides laoniuwan green landscaping, scenic laoniuwan infrastructure and a number of project planning and design ; invest 128 million yuan to start construction 35 kilometers laoniuwan three county towns to tourist highway , head Prior to the completion of 93% the amount of roadbed earthwork completed the laying of 10 km of sand cushion ; invest 110 million yuan to start the main scenic laoniuwan infrastructure and ancient villages along the Yellow River Village cow transformation plan in 2014 8 Month completed. In addition, the declaration to create work laoniuwan national geological park made ​​significant progress , the Ministry on December 21, 2013 was approved by the review Qingshuihe County building applications .

As of the end of December 2013 , total retail sales of social consumer goods Qingshuihe County is expected to achieve 602 million yuan , an increase of 14.45% .

Social undertakings


2013 Years , Shimizu River County invested 36 million yuan new four kindergartens, nursery currently Lama bay gentleman Tianjin River County sun and water have been completed kindergarten , kindergarten and water Lama bay Yimin River County National Kindergarten 2014 Can be put into use . Built where the sun kindergarten , ending no standardized kindergarten Qingshuihe County history , to promote the development of pre-school education a priority laid a solid foundation ; Yoshinori funds and high school "two free" funds in a timely manner Honor , the annual payment of 2.56 million yuan relief fund poor students , pupils and students benefiting 14,339 people ; open recruitment of 28 teachers , 32 preschool teachers for service expired nine special post teachers hired hand handle Continued , further enrich the faculty ; 2013 , Shimizu River County high school undergraduate on-line rate of 46% , the highest in the city's high school seventh , five agricultural counties in the high school second ; vocational school was named the regional level key Vocational schools , teaching quality has increased annually .


2013 Years , Shimizu River County to complete digital radio and television studio building, in Qingshuihe County 103 administrative villages install " every household " 5500 , the success of the Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, the Great Wall Cultural Festival mass cultural activities, and actively Fitness activities , carefully organized to participate in various cultural and sports activities organized by the autonomous region and Hohhot , rich and meet the growing spiritual and cultural needs of the masses . Push forward the civilized cities , and actively carry out civilized Units, civilized industry , civilized community , civilized towns , civilized family , civilized public contest, organization and implementation of education policy situation , the socialist core value system of education, History of Education , spiritual civilization with remarkable results.

Medical career

2013 Years , invested 1.6 million yuan Qingshuihe County is the county hospital is equipped with MRI and other medical equipment , invest 2.8 million yuan for two township hospitals were expansion , investment 780,000 yuan for 13 village clinics to standardize Construction, water and health services infrastructure River County gradually improve . Open recruitment of 26 health professional and technical personnel , and further enrich the medical personnel. Population and family planning work with remarkable results , the annual fertility rate reached 96.06 percent in line with policy .