Qingshuihe folk custom: the snail carrying sedan chair

2015年04月17日 16:35:40
In the mountainous area of Qingshuihe County, the wedding ceremony is more particular, and the mule carrying sedan chair is the most representative of its characteristics. The Baijiu sedan chair was carrying away from the mother's house when she went to the woman's house. The four corners of the sedan were hung with a silver pot of white wine and fine mutton, showing that the man's family was full of meat and meat, and life was full. When she comes back, the silver pot will sprout new onions, which means that the woman will go to the man's home to plant roots, and the future will be prosperous. When the bride goes to the sedan chair, she wears a red dress with a bronze mirror on her back, and then enters the sedan chair with a red veil on her face. In general, three for marriage and four for marriage, three for sister-in-law, brother and uncle, and four for aunt, uncle, brother and uncle. When a woman marries a woman and sends her to another, she sits in the same sedan chair with the bride. When other women marry and send off their relatives, they ride on horses and donkeys, and gather together to add joy and joy.

when the bride's sedan chair arrived at her mother-in-law's house, it set off a happy firecracker to show its prosperity. Adults and dolls fight for cigarettes and sweets to share their happiness. When the bride gets out of the sedan chair, she is supported by two girls, and her feet are covered with felt until she is in the courtyard. At this time, mother-in-law will be eye-catching oil poured into the fire, the flame rose, indicating that their days in the future over the more prosperous. Afterwards, the bridegroom and bride perform the ceremony of worshiping heaven and earth, entering the new house, unveiling the veil, drinking wine, eating happy dishes (called "Italian food") and feeding brown sugar.

. Then the bridegroom and bride go to the woman's home with the bride, commonly known as "return door". At this point, the mission of the mule carrying the sedan chair was completed, and the host's family had to buy a banquet to thank the sedan chair man.