Traditional festivals of folk customs

2015年07月24日 15:47:37
Qingming Festival is the Qingming Festival in the twenty-four seasons. The day before was cold food festival. Ordinary people use white flour to steam small animals and birds to become "cold swallows". Tomb Sweeping Day is the day when the ancestors' graves are swept, filled and sacrificed. In addition, it is also to carry out patriotic education activities with the theme of commemorating heroes.

April 8     that is, the eighth day of the fourth month of the lunar calendar, known as "sending oil fragrance". On this day, women carry oil and incense to the temple of Notre Dame (grandma's Temple), add oil to the lamps in the temple, burn incense and pray, send clay figurines and pray for children and women. The Dragon Boat Festival is the fifth day of the fifth lunar month. Before sunrise, pull wormwood in the field and hang it at the door to ward off evil spirits; boil wormwood and bathe in water to prevent disasters and evil spirits; drink realgar wine to prevent diseases and snake bites; chain children's necks, wrists and ankles with colored thread, and wear all kinds of sachets to ward off evil spirits. Cook cold rice cake. July 15 is the 15th day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar, commonly known as the "Zhongyuan Festival". Most people go to the grave to hold a memorial ceremony. On this day, the village will invite the daughter-in-law who hasn't passed the door to the house and present them to the people who steamed the flour with white flour. The Mid Autumn Festival is the 15th day of August in the lunar calendar. When the moon rises, people worship the moon with melons, peaches, plums, fruits and moon cakes to celebrate the harvest. There is a saying that "the snow lights on the 15th of the first month, and the clouds cover the moon on the 15th of August", that is, the snow on the Lantern Festival indicates a good weather in that year, and the overcast weather on the Mid Autumn Festival indicates a good harvest in the coming year. The first day of October in the lunar calendar. Every family goes to the grave to add soil and burn paper money.

Laba     the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month. Before the festival, some young farmers chiseled ice into human shape, standing on the dunghill, known as "Laba people". In the early morning of that day, rice, wheat, millet, cowpea, buckwheat and other cereals, together with red dates, were used to make Laba porridge. Do not make noise before sunrise for fear of waking sparrows and spoiling crops in the coming year. No sprinkling water on the ground.

    is the 23rd lunar month, commonly known as "Guo Xiao Nian". In the old custom, every household set up malt, fruit and cake to offer sacrifices to the kitchen god, asking the kitchen god to "say good things in heaven, and return to the palace for auspiciousness", which has been abolished. However, people have the habit of eating malt, intending to paste the mouth of the kitchen god, for fear that the kitchen god might say bad things in the world and annoy the emperor. He burned the couplets of the kitchen god's position from the mouth of the kitchen and offered them as a sacrifice.