Qingshuihe Great Wall Fu

2015年11月27日 15:54:09

Single-learning text

Qingshui River has a long and ancient city, the pearl of the Yellow River bright; north-south hub, three provinces through the fortress; throat land, the thousands of autumn risk pass xiongguan;

Look at the Great Wall of the Qingshui River also, there is the Ming Dynasty (2) side of the county and still exist: the towering platform, stone base fall, the city can be seen, the steepness is still. There are bright two sides (3) shape system is particularly prosperous: laying stone earth, building bricks, thousands of layers, purple red rock; Its male is also comparable to Badaling Mutianyu, its strength is no less than Simataishan Customs.

Dens City is also, but feel the mighty wind, solemn. If there are arrows and meteors, stick to the golden soup; if there are spear lightning, deter enemy courage; if there are guns and mines, still play anti-Japanese long songs; if there is a spirit of greatness, the male wind around the city; if there are thousands of flags, the wolf smoke dissipated; if there are hundreds of millions of calls, drum dragons flying in the sky.

Guans City also, look at the smoke clouds, Bohai Santian. Neolithic ruins star-studded, Zhou Qinhan's old city miracle spot, Han Dynasty emperor's gentleman Jin Qing Shijia, Tang five generations three-jump color wall carving brick; Blood is integrated, youth history is sustainable, national unity, passed down from generation to generation. Today, The Ten BridgeS Of Clear Water Connect The Bustling City; OnionS And Trees, Dress Up The Heavenly World; Red BuildingS Shine Water, Golden Valley Smell, Coordinate Urban And Rural Development; Hauni Gas, Mountains And Rivers Win, HuiYing Geological Park. Mountain dance is in full bloom, and the river is a comforting day. Watch and help, and write a new article together.

Zane: A thousand years of smoke turned over jade, the Great Wall a song Zhuangguanshan. Taiping prospered the world's harmony, qingshui river praise.



Note: (1) Qingshuihe County is located at the junction of Shanxi Town and Datong Town in the middle of the nine-sided town of the Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty. (2) (3) The Ming Great Wall in The Qingshui River is divided into two border cities: The Foreign Minister's City and the Inner Great Wall. The Foreign Minister's City is commonly known as the "Big Side" and the Inner Great Wall isalso known as the "Two Sides". (4) The Ming Great Wall to pass the red gate in Qingshuihe County, south of the village of Sichuan, outside the mouth of the Ming-Meng mutual market, known as the Red Gate City. (5) The residences of the six daughters of Qingsan Zuxuan (Kangxidi) and Tushetu Khan Dundobudorzi are located at the foot of the Silver Rolling Mountains of present-day Qingshuihe County.