About the park

2021年03月18日 12:56:17

Inner Mongolia Qingshui River Old Cow Bay Geopark is located in Hohhot City, Inner Mongolia, Qingshuihe County, central Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Hohhot City, the southernmost point, a total area of 25.34 square kilometers. Park geological relics are rich in types, unique natural landscape, long history of humanity, beautiful ecological environment. The gushing Yellow River, the claustrophobic gorges and the Great Wall converge here to form a geological park with obvious characteristics, great ornamentality and popular science.

Located in the Yellow River basin on the Jinmeng border, the Old Cow Bay Geopark of Qingshui River in Inner Mongolia is the only meeting point of the Yellow River and the Great Wall, and has a typical loess plateau. The geological structure belongs to the transition zone where the back slope of Shanxi platform is connected with the earth axis of Inner Mongolia. Special geographical location, long geological role has created the Qingshui River large-scale, crisscrossing canyons, rich and dynamic waterfall landscape, typical geological structure and yellow land landscape. The park has developed the most complete set of paleontological stratospheric systems on the northern edge of North China, which truly records the history of land and sea changes on Earth for more than a billion years. The park is also located at the first corner of the Yellow River "several" glyphs, and the rich geological relics in the park are of great significance to the study of the formation and evolution of the Yellow River, as well as human activities and environmental changes.

Lao Niu Bay is located in the core of jinshan Grand Canyon, the two sides of the river valley wall, the river in the bibo Wan, the river bank on the Great Wall towering, villages all over the monuments. It is the only place where the Great Wall and Yellow River meet, and it is also a perfect blend of human history and natural relics. Doo turn the stars, the years flow, the rolling Yellow River meanders through, leaving behind thousands of years of praise for the world's magnificent spectacle.

The long history, here left the footprint of human life and reproduction; The Qingshui River is located on the northern edge of our country, and the Great Wall of Luming stretches over the mountains of the Qingshui River, forming an important military defense line of the ancient border. Xiao Xiaoqiu wind blowing, the ancient Great Wall as if still wolf smoke rising. If the Great Wall is the treasure of Qingshui River culture, the cave is a gift from the history of Qingshui River. The stone used in the Qingshui River cave, many local materials, stone hard, bright colors, kiln stone carving exquisite, stone carving pattern modeling, enough to be comparable with Yan'an cave.

Heavy history and culture and rich human resources, so that the Qingshui River, the people of the people, talented generations out. Since ancient times, the simple character of kindness and self-improvement of the quality into one, constitute the characteristics of the QingshuiHe regional culture, become a treasure of Chinese civilization.

The establishment of QingshuiHe Lao Niu Bay Geopark is the best way to make full use of natural resources and protect natural resources, which is of great practical significance for developing local economy, restoring ecological environment, protecting geological relics and popularizing scientific knowledge.