Safety tips

2018年06月15日 15:22:18


during the Dragon Boat Festival and summer vacation, it is another peak period for tourists to travel, and the successive safety accidents have sounded the alarm for tourism safety. In order to improve the safety awareness of tourists, Qingshuihe County Tourism Bureau specially issued travel safety tips for tourists: (1) firmly establish safety awareness, formulate tourism strategies before travel, pay attention to the weather changes and regional characteristics of the destination before travel, design travel routes, and select formal scenic spots for sightseeing. Tourists should choose tourism projects according to their age and physical condition. To participate in high-risk tourism projects such as sliding rope, they must choose business units with complete certificates and follow the correct arrangement of staff. Water entertainment projects should be selected according to their own health, water quality and weather conditions of the day. At the same time, tourists should judge the safety of their own play projects, and should not blindly map cheap, follow the arrangements of the staff. They should also take precautions and buy suitable insurance products for themselves before traveling. In the newspaper group, remind to choose a regular, qualified travel agency. When you sign up, you should check whether the travel agency holds the business license and "travel agency business license", especially the small advertisements and flyers printed with tourist routes. Tourists should be alert to be cheated. To participate in group tour, we should choose a travel agency with good reputation, eliminate negative tour fee and zero tour fee, and do not covet cheapness, so as to avoid that the safety and quality of tourism can not be guaranteed. Secondly, enhance the awareness of safety and guard, pay attention to personal and property safety. Secondly, tourists should travel in a healthy and civilized way. Tourists should consciously abide by the relevant norms of civilized tourism. Tourists should bear the adverse consequences caused by their uncivilized behaviors. Tourists should consciously abide by the Convention on civilized behavior of Chinese citizens in domestic tourism and the guide to civilized behavior of Chinese citizens in outbound tourism, abide by the public order and good morality, abide by the laws and regulations of the destination country and region, and respect the local religious and ethnic customs. If tourists have uncivilized tourism behavior and repeatedly do not listen to dissuasion, they will follow the tourism law in accordance with the relevant provisions of the tourism law The Interim Measures for the administration of records of uncivilized tourist behaviors shall be included in the personal records.

it is particularly reminded that all tourist attractions (spots) should strengthen their safety responsibilities, further improve the emergency plan and make emergency preparations according to the characteristics of continuous large-scale disastrous weather such as rainstorm, lightning and high temperature in flood season, strengthen the inspection and monitoring of key facilities and key parts, implement various safety precautions such as rainstorm, lightning and high temperature, and strictly prevent natural disasters from causing safety In case of accidents, strengthen the emergency duty during the festival to ensure the smooth flow of information and timely and proper emergency disposal.