Notice on the inspection and rectification by the Party group of laoniuwan National Geopark Administration Bureau of Qingshuihe County of the Communist Party of China

2019年08月21日 09:48:21

according to the unified deployment of the county Party committee's inspection work, the second inspection group of the county Party committee inspected our bureau from June 19 to August 19, 2018, and gave feedback to our bureau on September 29, 2018. In accordance with the principle of openness of party affairs and relevant requirements of inspection work, the rectification of inspection work is hereby announced. (1) attach great importance to and strengthen the leadership of organization. The Party group of the bureau Party group is engaged in the construction of the party's ruling capacity, the construction of cadres, the construction of is engaged in the construction of the party's ruling capacity, the construction of cadres, the construction of ff\ff\102;ffthesecretary shall be the group leader, other leaders shall be the Deputy Group leader, and relevant departments shall be responsible The head of the Department is the member of the rectification work leading group, which is responsible for the daily tracking and supervision of the implementation of rectification tasks.

(2) formulate plans and implement the responsibilities of . in order to ensure the smooth completion of the rectification task and achieve actual results, the Party group of the Bureau studied and formulated the rectification plan, and made clear the general requirements, guiding ideology, objectives, tasks, methods and steps of the rectification work. the person in charge of the Department carried out the work deployment, and required the rectification responsible department to carry out the work according to the rectification content, rectification time limit, rectification goal, rectification time limit, rectification time limit and rectification time limit According to the requirements of the rectification measures, we should implement the rectification item by item. (3) strengthen measures to promote the rectification work. The Party group of \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ . (4) hold a special democratic life meeting on rectification to deepen the rectification of patrol problems. On December 4, our bureau held a special democratic life meeting for the inspection and rectification of the leading group. At the meeting, the leading group and members of the Bureau focused on the feedback of the second inspection group of the county Party committee, closely linked to the party's political construction, ideological construction, organizational construction, style construction, discipline construction and anti-corruption construction, checked one by one, deeply analyzed the causes of the problems, adhered to the problem orientation, and put forward the direction and measures of rectification and implementation. By carrying out criticism and self-criticism, we closely focused on the theme, carefully sorted out the problems found by individuals and the work in charge during the inspection, and deeply analyzed the causes of the problems. We not only talked about the problems existing in the party building, the comprehensive and strict governance of the party, and the implementation of "one post and two responsibilities", but also reviewed ourselves from the problems in the departments in charge and the specific work, actively claimed them, and truly realized self-discipline We have put it in, identified the root cause of the problem, made clear the direction of our efforts, achieved the effect of unifying our thinking and gathering consensus, and laid a good foundation for the rectification work of the feedback problems of the inspection team. 10243;10243102431024310243102431024310243102431024310243\10247102471024710247102481024810243\\\10243\\\\10247\\10247\10247\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\implementation. According to the feedback of patrol group, the detailed 6 1 4 specific issues have been implemented. (1) aiming at the rectification of the problems in the party's political construction, we should thoroughly study and implement the series speech of general secretary Xi Jinping and the nineteen spirits of the party, give full play to the leading role of the Party group, and conscientiously implement the party's line, principles and policies and decisions and arrangements at the higher levels. Organizing party members and cadres to conscientiously study the nineteen spirit of the party and Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with China's characteristics in the new era, earnestly learn to understand and improve the reality, and strengthen the political and theoretical attainment of Party members and cadres. We should improve the system of "two learning and one doing", "three meetings and one lesson", strengthen the study of Party members and cadres' corresponding knowledge, strengthen the special guidance of "two learning and one doing", "three meetings and one lesson" and so on, and check the mastery of Party members' corresponding knowledge through organizing tests; we should organize party members and cadres to study the report of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee on strengthening and maintaining the centralized system of the CPC Central Committee (1) some regulations of leaders; (2) further clarify the work content of the Party group, Party branch and bureau meeting, formulate the standard of meeting minutes, and strictly ensure that the elements of meeting minutes are complete and the contents are detailed; (3) in terms of fund payment, Party group meeting is held to study and discipline inspection group is invited to attend the meeting, and important matters are reported to leaders for review; and party affairs and government affairs are further strengthened We should make public the work, formulate and improve the implementation plan of the "three affairs" publicity, make public the "three affairs" work in a timely manner, have the courage to take responsibility, overcome difficulties, strengthen the management and promotion of the park's projects under construction, strengthen the publicity of geological heritage protection, report problems to the government and relevant departments in a timely manner, and take measures for comprehensive treatment. (2) in view of the rectification of the problems existing in the ideological construction of the party, we should print unified learning notebooks, strictly standardize learning notebooks, regularly inspect and supervise them, and strictly implement the system of regular learning and regular meetings. We should improve the working system of good faith awareness, and the party group of the bureau should take the lead in ideological work, manage positions, and strengthen the team Criticizing wrong views and wrong tendencies, making arrangements for important work, handling important issues and major events in person, carrying out ideological work deployment, analysis and judgment, and briefing regularly, so as to effectively safeguard the ideological security of the Department; the members of the leading group include ideological work in the democratic life meeting and the report on work and honesty, and all materials are provided by the main leaders Check, audit and sign, strengthen the construction of ideological position, timely rectify the problems existing in the website and wechat public platform and regularly update them, and strictly implement the system of audit, check and sign by the leader of website information release. (3) the rectification of the problems existing in the party's organization construction: strengthen the branch construction, combine the party construction with the business work, arrange with the deployment, promote the business with the party construction, strengthen the party construction with the business; the team members regularly study the party construction work within their responsibilities, strengthen the party construction guidance; the party construction archives are classified by year and category It is necessary to carefully implement the "three systems", earnestly fill in the "three systems" to solicit opinions and claim, standardize the procedure flow, ensure complete procedures and high standards, earnestly standardize the "three meetings and one lesson" system, classify the records, and pay attention to the retention of image data, and strengthen the management of the "three meetings and one lesson" system We should study and train Party affairs knowledge and develop party members in strict accordance with Party member development procedures. We should strengthen the education and management of Party members, and those who do not submit the application for joining the party in time will no longer be included in the list of party activists; we should enrich the education methods of Party members, strengthen the learning and education of Party members by using websites and wechat groups, and organize various party day activities to improve the effectiveness of Party member education; we should strictly regulate the collection of Party fees, put an end to the withholding of Party fees, and collect party fees monthly And issue a receipt, timely and actively pay into the account designated by the Organization Department on a quarterly basis. (4) in view of the rectification of the problems existing in the party's work style construction, we conscientiously organized and studied the spirit of implementing the "eight regulations" and the implementation rules of the CPC Central Committee, formulated the implementation plan of rectifying the "four ethos" problem, focusing on the "ten manifestations" of formalism and bureaucratism, revised and improved the system of official vehicles and official reception, The dispatch list and reception list are reviewed and signed by the leaders in charge, and the official vehicle logo is posted. We should strictly standardize the reporting system of wedding and funeral events, fill in the contents of the report in detail, strictly implement the responsibility system of poverty alleviation, strengthen the mission, and educate all poverty alleviation cadres to establish the sense that everyone is responsible and duty bound, formulate targeted assistance plans and measures, and constantly improve the ability and level of assistance. (5) the rectification of the problems existing in the party's discipline construction: strictly follow the procedures of the democratic life conference, check and sign the materials by the leaders, take the democratic life conference as an important grasp and main means of serious party political life, and the main leaders take the lead in carrying out criticism and self-criticism. Criticism should be real and hard, In order to promote unity and development, we should pay attention to finding out the problems and find out the gaps; strictly follow the procedure requirements of the organization life meeting, standardize the procedure steps of the meeting, strictly implement the system of "three meetings and one lesson" and the system of Party lecture for team members, strictly standardize the archives according to the procedure, improve the archives of political life, and improve the appraisal mechanism of Party members according to the procedure, so as to make the political life within the party strict and lively We should strictly manage cadres, strictly enforce work discipline, earnestly strengthen the education and management of the cadre team, crack down on bad habits such as being late and leaving early, strictly implement the system of signing in and signing out and asking for leave, and standardize the procedures of asking for leave. Asking for leave must be signed and approved by leaders. (6) the rectification of the problems existing in the overwhelming victory of the anti-corruption struggle: strictly implement the two responsibilities of comprehensively and strictly administering the party, and improve the risk prevention and control mechanism of Party style and clean government. Adhere to the above rate, conduct pressure at all levels, fully implement the political responsibility of managing the party and governing the party, continuously deepen the construction of a clean and upright political ecology, promote the implementation of the "two responsibilities" of comprehensively and strictly governing the party, formulate a risk prevention and control system in combination with the business work of the unit, and clarify the responsibilities of the leaders in charge and the responsible persons of the Department; the team members identify the responsibility orientation, strengthen the responsibility, and strengthen the responsibility Responsible for the areas in charge, integrate the requirements of party management into the business work in charge, regularly study, deploy, inspect and report the work of party management within the scope of responsibility; main leaders regularly study the work of building a clean and Honest Party style, team members earnestly perform the "one post and two responsibilities" of building a clean and Honest Party style, and regularly carry out heart to heart talks; further improve the assessment rules of Party construction, Strengthen the daily inspection work; actively strengthen the communication and exchange with the discipline inspection group, hold the Party group meeting, timely invite the discipline inspection group to participate in the meeting; improve the risk prevention and control mechanism, revise and improve the official reception and bus operation system, bus fixed-point maintenance service agreement, fill in the dispatch form for official vehicle refueling, fill in the maintenance form for maintenance, fill in the reception form for official reception, and review and sign by the leader in charge; Revise and improve the financial reimbursement rules and regulations, further standardize the financial reimbursement work, timely complete the reimbursement related procedures, strictly standardize the project prepayment procedures, and timely complete the relevant funds