History of laoniuwan

2021年03月18日 12:56:17

History of Old Cow Bay:

After saying goodbye to the East China Sea, the Great Wall has finally met the flooded Yellow River for the first time here.

Lao Niu Bay, on the border between Inner Mongolia and Shanxi Province. In the Ming Dynasty it was a castle of tuen soldiers, built for three years ( 1467 A.D.). On the cliffs of Lao Niu Bay, next to the Yellow River, there is a brick hollow building that is still well preserved.

Local folk songs sing:

       Jiuqu Yellow River eighteen bends, the god cow opened the river to the border,

       As soon as the light came on, he turned and ploughed out an old cow's bay.

The ballad sings a legend, which is no longer available. But we see Lao Niu Bay, one of its steep terrain: it is located at the corner between the Yellow River and Yangjiachuangou, and at the top of this angle of the steep stone cliff top. Its terrain is steep, the location of Erse, there is a high-rise, the potential of thousands of miles, and the second is the old barracks, that mossy look at the river building, the fire tower and scattered next to the broken pillars. They all witnessed: here in the early Ming Dynasty has become a military fortress, Chongyu nine years to build the border control of the old Cow Bay Fort, until the Qing Dynasty has been camped out, stationed in the army horse. Later, the smoke gradually extinguished, soldiers went to the castle empty, but the emptiness and desolation can not hide the military 倥偬 in the past in the history of smoke clouds.

The ancient Old Cow Bay has a unique landscape where the ancient Great Wall and the highlands depend on the blue waves. It is not only the intersection of the Yellow River and the ancient Great Wall, but also the border river Yangjiachuangou in Inner Mongolia, Shanxi Province, into the mouth of the Yellow River, so it constitutes a river show water and the ancient Great Wall arm-in-arm on the reckless loess plateau of the artistic synthesis.

The Yellow River, the Great Wall, Yangjiachuan in this intersection, is the junction of the two provinces and three counties, has always been a military heavy land, the Ming Dynasty troops fort, also known as the old Cow Bay Fort, can be called the first castle in the World of the Yellow River, where the cultural landscape has a long history, natural scenery is beautiful, ghost work Cut the Hundred Mile Yellow River Gorge, the emperor's nose, the unfathomable Watergate Cave God Spring, the Ming Dynasty water protection building's majestic posture, the Qing Dynasty Yulong Temple's incense fire, simple folk style constitutes the old cow bay's long, majestic, strange, mysterious!

On the Inner Mongolia side, the government invested heavily in the restoration of the Great Wall and the restoration of the Old Cow Bay Fort, and built the Old Niu Wan Pier. In the past, Lao Niu Bay was not known to all, it is said that the first photographers found, and then gradually more tourists, so that now become a tourist attraction.