2014年08月14日 20:38:39

(1) preface hall (one floor, 248 square meters)

(1) geological evolution theme wall or relief wall

(1) fit with the theme tone of the Geopark; (2) combine the environment, humanities and nature, and have affinity to the people; (2) Yellow River geological theme signs or sculptures (central exhibition hall)

(1) The design idea is to restore the geological features of Qingshuihe River, fossils and stone carvings in large scale;

2. The large stone carvings are inscribed with gold laoniuwan geological characters, which fit the main tone of laoniuwan Geopark adjacent to the Yellow River;

3. Care and inspiration

1. Chairman Mao's inscription "developing mining industry"

2. Inspection care of several generations of leaders

3 Inspection care of other leaders