Geological experience area

2014年08月14日 23:50:51
As an interactive area of the geological museum, the home of primitive people has educational significance by experiencing the development of primitive society. Built in primitive stone stool, stone table, torch and other items. At the same time, the thatched cottage built with wood structure can make children more immersive, and the hunting bow and spear will also be displayed.
2. The house of boulders
the house of boulders shows a rock house that can be accessed from inside to outside. Children can enter through the geological rock belt composed of rocks and cross into the underground space in the rock house. There are many kinds of spars and rocks under the ground. At the same time, there are many places where insects, birds and other animals live.
3. Looking for the source of gems
the source of gems shows a miniature mine, where children can explore mineral deposits under loose simulated rocks. 4. Looking at the earth with eagle's eye
simulating the cockpit of the earth's high-altitude reconnaissance plane to conduct high-altitude geographical inspection and watch the earth ball. (5) space telescope
simulate the cockpit of a spaceship to inspect the universe and watch the earth.