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To laoniuwan national geological park traffic route:

Hohhot -Lin (Meng Niu)- Qingshui River County - tourist line - old ox Bay (about 3 hours)

Baotou -- Sara's support - County - Lamawan - - Yao Gou Xiang deep trench sub - laoniuwan (about 4 hours)This route is the old road, it is recommended to take line 1.

Beijing Lao Niu Wan: walk along the intersection of Rong Wu Expressway in Qingshui River County -- deep moat -- Lao Niu Wan (6 hours)

Line 1:From the Baotou the Yellow River bridge - Daqi Shulinzhao beam Industrial Park - three noon -- on the highway along the Yellow River - (about 1.5 hours drive, this road is newly built two-way 6 lane, high-speed walk better than cars, rarely twelve) Citylink toll station on the right there is a 13KM out of the Xuejiawan Road New District intersection - Xue Jia Bay - Open Pit (small the Yellow River Shawan bridge) after the bridge is about to sign, 30KM, a total of more than 280 kilometers, about 3.5 hours.

Line No. 2:Baotou along the highway to Hohhot - and then along the 209 national road to the forest (Mengniu) - Qingshui River County - along the 109 National Road - deep moat - old cow Bay (about 4 hours)

Line 3: Baotou along the highway to Hohhot, along State Road 209 to Lin (Mengniu) - Qingshui River county (after Jia bay bridge straight) - Tourist Bus Line - Stella Bay (about 4 hours) and the way, are high and the national road.

Stella Bay National Geopark tourist routes recommended:

G109, 209 (travel line) into the direction:

Comprehensive tourism service center (Ying Mao Cun) - Stella Bay Wharf (the Yellow River people, lunch, ship) - Bay City (Yongbyon City, Wharf Inn) (returned by S103)

Comprehensive tourism service center (Ying Mao Cun) - four towers (on the viewing platform, art village, Bay City) - (Yongbyon Gucheng, lunch) - laoniuwan (- Wanjiazai or Yang Chuan Canyon) (return ashore)

Comprehensive tourism service center (Ying Mao Cun) - four tower (viewing platform, art village, road) - laoniuwan (lunch, the Yellow River, people on board) - Bay City (Yongbyon city) (returned by S103)

S103 in direction:

Bay City (Yongbyon City, Wharf Inn) - Wanjiazhai laoniuwan (a family of the Yellow River, lunch - Tourism Service Center - four) tower (viewing, Art Village) Ying Mao Cun return